A few years ago after Hurricane Irene (i live in Long Island NY in a coastal city)I needed to buy all new furniture. I purchased the Wanderlust Bedroom set and my Mother purchased a different set. Both sets came out to 19,842$. When we received wanderlust ALL pieces were damaged so bad they not only had to replace one but come back to fix it not once not twice not even three times but FOUR.

Fast forward to this past fall when Super storm sandy hit we lost everything once again but this time our house, our car and literally EVERYTHING. My husband only two months later went into the airforce. So for the last few months while he was in training we held off on getting pieces until we knew where we would have to move.

We finally found out and wanted to purchase furniture once again. When we found out wanderlust was discontinued and they were selling the floor models we figured great! We went in and the woman told us that she would do whatever it took to help us out since we had a bad experience, since we were Sandy victims, And since we were serving our country. She spoke to a district manager who said they would get rid of the sales tax, give us 5% off for military and another 5% off for victims of Sandy! They then told us we would have to drive an hour or so out further to the store to check out the models and pick it up ourselves.

The next day we borrowed a car (we lost ours) went an hour out and low and behold they took back EVERYTHING they said. They told us they were mistaken that they never would take that off a clearance set (mind you they are the ones who told us we should go to the CLEARANCE CENTER TO GET THEM) and that since it was already discounted they wouldn't do it and they were sorry for the misunderstanding. But since we came all the way there why don't we just get it...

When i told them they should not have misled people let alone people who have lost so much they just responded "oh well, there is nothing we can do since its such a great price and SOME ASSOCIATES WILL DO ANYTHING FOR A SALE I GUESS MA'AM INCLUDING GETTING YOU TO COME OUT HERE JUST SO YOU FIGURE WHY NOT-this is a quote)

How disgusting, playing on our loss then denying any capability saying it was a misunderstanding and we should just buy it anyway. NO sorry we lost EVERYTHING, and now we are serving OUR country and you deceive us... GREAT COMPANY

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