Anyone looking to purchase furniture should completely avoid Thomasville furniture stores and products. Horrible customer service, poor quality and nothing but excuses.

Made the mistake of buying from them and 1 year later issues still not resolved. I've had 2 complete replacements of product, 6 different deliveries and changing your schedule to accomodate them. Worst, they won't return your calls, provide status and the turn over of people is so high you never speak to the same person twice.

The shipping firm told me they bring back as much as they deliver! Buyer beware, Thomasville Furniture should be avoided at all cost!

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thomasville of eatontown were no help in tryiing to get their company "guardian extended warranty coverage co." to help with repairing my broken chairs. No matter who I spoke to,I was told nothing could be done because the extended warranty "does not cover" that specific thing!

there seems to be NOTHING that the extended warranty covers, and I paid $249 each for 2 extended coverages for 2 separate dining sets I purchased. What a waste!!

I would never recommend thomasville OR GUARDIAN extended coverage for ANYTHING purchased. PLEASE BUYER BE WARE!!!


Glenn Hamilton (above) is right on! I too purchased bedroom furniture (August 2011) from Thomasville and put $500 down but on a credit card.

Was told 4 to 6 weeks for delivery but "probably sooner." Was told it was "in stock" too. Clark Howard says furniture companies are notorious for this - so with one day to spare I disputed the charge with my credit card company. They went to bat for me. Thomasville tried to say it was "custom" furniture but we picked it out from the showroom and were told "in stock." They challenged my dispute and then gave up.

I have my $500 back and am not obligated for the furniture. Always always use a credit card and make sure you dispute the charge prior to the deadline.

I have certainly learned my lesson. I had a bad feeling about the salesperson from the beginning and should have listed - my intuition was right as was/is Clark Howard.


I will never purchase from Thomasville again. I purchased a king leather paneled bed (just the bed) for $1600.

I ordered it 09/8/2010. I was told the bed would arrive the middle of October. After visits to the store and numerous phone calls that were never returned, I finally received the bed in November right before Thanksgiving. After all this time, when the bed arrived, it was damaged.

They wanted to patch it up, but I did not allow that. The customer service was horrible to say the least. No one returned my calls. No one knew when or if I would get a replacement.

On top of that, the bed collapsed twice. Once when my daughter (who weighs 100 lbs) sat on it and the second time while I was sleeping. The bed was not designed properly. I have called the regional manager, the store manager, everyone I know to call and no one returned calls.

To this day, I have not received a replacement.

I have a law suit pending. Buyer beware!


I have been with Thomasville for over two years, it's a great company to work for and the pay plan is the best in the business!!


Looks like the person below is a little Bitter...I'm guessing she didn't get the job. Thomasville is a great company and has wonderful product for the price.


Looks like the person below is a little Bitter...I'm guessing she didn't get the job. Thomasville is a great company and has wonderful product for the price.



Word to the wise, Thomasville Furniture has tried to up their annie, with asking designers to bring in portfolios...for (L0L)interviews.... PAYSCALE?? BIG LOTS can do better, on hourly.

Lesson #1 : Any designer that brings a portfolio to Thomasvile, Is NOT an ACCOMPLISHED DESIGNER.

Hard up is more like it

Lesson #2 : Management at these stores are not professional. One interviewee told me that one district manager asked her who was the LATE NITE HOST on tv, during one of her so called space planning tests. PROFESSIONAL???, MORE LIKE PITIFUL!

PROFESSIONAL DESIGNERS..are better off going out and networking to get their own clients.

Will make better $$$, and not have to put up with this companies...BS.

IF your hard up for a job, try Hardee's better yet BOJANGLES... not Thomasville, you will realize why this company has high

employee turnover.

IF they treat employees like pee on's just think what the purchasing consumer gets!


Thomasville Furniture has a high turn over rate for employees.I heard the interviews are pathetic.Focus too much on design when their product is not designer quality.

Most of the customers normally wouldn't pay for a designer anyway with cheap china made furniture. They want a deal, NOT A DESIGNER.



We are told to tell someone when there is a problem with the furnitur we are running. When we do (THE EMPLOYEES WHO ARE BUILING THE FURNITURE AND KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING CAUSE WE DO THE JOB EVERYDAY) are looked at like we are the stupided people in the world.

Oh, repair will fix it, or let it go is Timm Triplett's favorite saying. Sometime we don't wanna waste our breathe! I want and need my job!! I enjoy it fully.

The assistant plant manager Timm Triplett only cares about$$$$$$$$. And that is :cry


I concur with the reviews above. Thomasville customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

I purchased a bedroom set from them and my dresser mirror brackets were not delivered with the dresser...eight months later, I finally get my mirror brackets after hassling them for months.

I was patient and always courteous to the staff only to be taken advantage of. I would recommend that you avoid this particular store and take your hard earned money some place else where the company cares about the customer and where customer satisfaction is important.



Everyone check out the federal fair credit act 15 US Code 1666i, 1666, 1640. Use a credit card, review the above laws and stick it to them!!!


I am so CONCERNED! I ordered a couch and two chairs from Thomasville in the beginning of July.

They told me (now) the fabric is back ordered and I may see my couch by Thanksgiving.

Could someone please give me some advice!!


I am a Thomasville employee and I was drawn into websites complaining about this company, and unfortunately, the company has become JUST reputation, and brand recognition. As mentioned on the complain the merchandise is of very poor quality, but worse the customer service is just non existent.

I'm pretty sure the two comments above came from individuals who have never purchased from Thomasville.

Word to the wise: If you're purchasing from Ethan Allen; you're getting the same quality and customer service you will get from us..... "NONE".

Sterlitamak, Bashkortostan, Russian Federation #14416

waah little baby sissy

Point Reyes Station, California, United States #13898

No details? Thomasville enjoys a great reputation that they earned. Your hit & run review lacks credibility.

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