DO NOT BUY FROM THOMASVILLE!!!! My mother wanted to buy a bedroom set from Thomasville so we went and picked out the Cinnamon Hill set.

We were told it would take two weeks. The cost of the bed, night stand, and two dressers was $5400.00. Two months later the bedroom set arrived. I found out later after badgering the sales manager that they are no longer manufactured in America!

That's why it took so long. We charged it to my wife's card which was because they have air miles. Good thing we did that instead of using my mothers, when the set was delivered three of the four pieces were defective, some had different finish, some were scraped and some showed some patchwork, we were very disgusted that we waited so long for this junk. I called the sales manager and told him that I wanted a refund, he said he could not give me all my money back due to the fact that hidden in a very long contract there was a provision calling for a 45% restocking fee!!!

I explained that it was not due to me changing my mind but that it was due to inferior quality of the furniture. We argued back and forth and later I agreed to give him another shot but said I was not going to wait another 2 months for it to be shipped from china or South America or wherever they do business. He called me back the next day and said he was going to give me someone else's shipment (that is probably what happened to mine) and that he would oversee and assured me that he would make it right and if not he would then refund my money if I was not satisfied. He also said that we could go to the warehouse in Edison, NJ to inspect it before delivery.

We did and guess what, it was even worse than the first set!! It had scratches, different colored finishes, scratches and all these little holes in the wood that they just stained over instead of puttying, sanding and then staining. Not for nothing but I could do a better job of finishing a piece as I have on a few occasions. We decided to dispute the charges to our credit card by calling the credit company as soon as we rejected the first shipment, you must do so within the first 60 days.

We rejected the second set and walked out. I waited another day after that and planned to go back to the store and threaten the manager with a lawsuit if he did not give me a refund. But that evening my wife called me at work and told me that the credit card company credited us with a refund and that they would go after Thomasville!! Thank you so much to the credit card company because I was getting so frigging mad that I was going to get a permit to picket their store!!

Do not let anyone you care about do business with this company, I think they will be out of business in a few years, they are ruining their company trying to cut corners and outsource to unskilled cheap labor. If there is someone that you really hate or have a serious ax to grind with, then by all means recommend Thomasville to them!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $4009.

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I bought my cinammen hill set from Thomasville in NC. I went to all three of their outlets as they were closing them.

I am more than satisfied. I purchased two night stands, dresser with a mirror, arm wall and a tall chest. Everything was delivered to me in SC with professionalism. Excellent shape athe a fraction of the cost locally.

I new they were closing their plants in NC and having everything shipped from overseas for cheap labor. I must have hit it just right.


I ordered an expensive Thomasville table through a furniture store that still carries the brand.  Very little showroom inventory, mostly through catalog. Looks like a young child glued it together. Store owner has been to my home twice to try and remove the excess wiggly lines of glue referred to as "build up". Told me other horror stories of store's recent experiences with Thomasville as it is nowadays and how they are phasing it out.


Love my Thomasvile living room!!! They are the best furniture company out there!


I'm sure Thomasville delivers to thousands of customers a month. Looks like they are doing a great job based on such few complaints. I have purchased several times and every time-- NO ISSUES.


Good luck with EA.....I would stick with Thomasville!


DO NOT GO TO ETHAN ALLEN! Yes, I believe there are issues with all furniture stores whose products are NOT made in America - which are many more high end stores than we care to admit.

Almost everything is manufactured in another country. But at least Thomasville will do something about issues. ETHAN ALLEN DOES NOT CARE! They won't give you your money back, replacement furniture - nothing.

And they're more expensive. Go to consumeraffairs.com and see all the hundreds of complaints - just from 2010 alone! Once you pay them, they never want to hear from you again.

And the son of the CEO was a terrorist (killed). Look it up online before you give them your business.


Ethan Allen is NO Better! Trust me - read the reviews before you head over there as well.

I am also not a happy customer with Thomasville! It is not just about Sept. I ordered my family room furniture back in May! When it came in over the summer, end of July, I noticed that the huge sectional couch that I custom ordered was falling apart and that within 6 months would look like ***!

On top of it, the designer over sold me on furniture and now have two chairs that do not fit in my room! I have spent a total of $15,000.00 with Thomasville! Yes - that's right - 15 THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! I AM PISSED OFF!

Horrible customer service by the manager of the store. Did not care to deal with me at all! They are replacing the couch, (still not sure what that one is going to look like or hold up like yet) and I am still fighting on returning the two chairs that were $2400.00. I am SO disappointed with this store.

For this kind of money - I could have hired an independent designer!!! So upset with myself!!!!


The order I had took 4 months. And I said okay fine as long as it gets here.

Then when they get it they deliver at the wrong time and try to blame us for not being there.

That's the last straw I'm gonna try to ask the credit card company as well to get this cancelled this is just pathetic, for a long established store. Going to ethan allen for the rest of my living room.


I am now going on two months waiting for my bedroom suite as well. I don't think they have any stock waiting and available (too expensive to wherehouse...) And yes I have been badgering and been getting the run around. Next time I will go to Ethan Allen.

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