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Thomasville cabinets do not offer a quality product.

The drawer box of the cabinets is 1 to 4 inches shorter than the actual opening of the drawer. It is a dissappointment not to be able to fill the drawers. Why have a 9 inch drawer that you can only fill up to 5 inches? This does not make sense and it is poor poor quality.

The representative said that I am the only consumer to complain about this and I cannot believe that all consumers are satisfied with the size and storage capacity of these drawers.

I tried to return the entire order. There is a restocking fee and some of the cabinets they would not take back so I am stuck with a substandard kitchen cabinet.

Do not buy this product.

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Didn't you go to a Thomasville store and physically pick out your own items? I would imagine that you would have known before you bought them what the interiors were like.

Also, I'm confused about your description.

Thomasville makes home furnishings, but I've never seen Thomasville kitchen cabinets. Where do they sell those?

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