The Worst Experience of my life! Ordered family room furniture in May of 2010.

Spent $15,000.00 at that store. It is now March 2011 and they are STILL trying to fix the mess ups of my room. Yes, it has been almost 1 whole year!!!!! I recommend NEVER going to Thomasville in the King of Prussia Mall.

I was treated so bad that I was in tears more times than I can count. How is it that they stay in business? I have no idea. Save yourself A HUGE headache, and heartache - do not buy from Thomasville.

For that kind of money, you can hire a private designer to do your room for you.

Trust me - I know. My neighbor did and her room is beautiful and was the happy experience that you should be having when you spend that kind of money to make over a room!

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