We purchased three (3) leather sofas from Thomasville in August 2011 which were delivered October 2011. In August 2012, while my husband was sitting on one of these sofas, we heard very loud "pops" which we thought were coming from the outdoors. However, we immediately noticed that the sofa had

sprung the springs" and more than half of the springs were now on the ground along with broken PLASTIC clips which were holding the springs together. We are NOT overweight Americans!

The sofa clips used are so cheap they could not hold a baby crib springs together. Now it has taken me over 3 weeks to get someone to investigate and note the damage, and someone to schedule a pick-up for repair, and then another 2-3 weeks for it to me repaired and delivered back. This is very poor service and quality from a business that we thought has a solid reputation. Next time you buy furniture from Thomasville, be smart and examine the springs on the underside of the piece. It could be very cheap and therefore diminishes the quality of the product. Not good. I would not purchase again from them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thomasville Furniture Sofa.

Monetary Loss: $4500.

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Miami, Florida, United States #1319311

I am waiting for a reply after contacting Thomasville twice to replace a broken spring on a leather Pickering recliner. After I initially sent them the model # the color, the date of purchase and the location of the purchase I got a request for a picture of the spring and the chair and a number located either on the footrest or the underside of the chair.

As if I had bought this at a yard sale and wanted them to repair it. Insulting.

So I sent them a picture of the sales invoice and of the cashiers check I used to pay for the purchase as well as the spring and the chair. Let's see how they respond this time.

Middletown, Delaware, United States #957897

Ialso bought a couch from Thomasville in 2009.The plastic clip just broke.I looked under the couch thrir furniture is made cheap not solid wood it's plywood.I agree with you.


Plastic spring anchors on both chair and sofa broke off my sons Thomasville furniture. Only fourteen months old.

I unfortunately advised him to buy Thomasville not knowing their quality is now nonexistent.

Unless u want to wind up sitting on your floor, run don't walk away from any Thomasville showroom. See other complaints, this is a very common condition.


We will be contacting you for a replacement piece. The support post-repair is atrocious. We purchased this unit specifically for the firm support. The sofa is now mushy.

I do not want a repairman back at home home, having to take valuable time off of my job. Nothing short of a replacement will be satisfactory.

I will also be detailing the situation with Better Business Bureau.


We are sorry to hear of the problems you experienced with the sofa clips and getting your sofa repaired. We stand behind our products and want to make sure you are satisfied. If we can be of further assistance, please email us info@thomasville.com


Same thing just happened with my Mercer sectional 7 months old.

Repair service just today changed the clips, repositioning them on the outside of the frame as opposed to the inside where the originals are still attached. Assume there is some reason he had to do it this way.

The feel of the sofa is totally different and not near as supportive as the original or as the accompanying love seat and corner piece.

I'm soon to begin my battle with Thomasville for a replacement.

to Capricorn1 Savannah, Georgia, United States #694764

I too purchased a Thomasville Mercer sofa. After 4 months, all the plastic clips snapped.

I am having a repair man come to the home to charge me $300 for 1 out of 3 sofa pieces. This company will soon be a faded memory.

I even posted the furniture up for sale and received nothing but comments about how no one would take a Thomasville unless you paid them. I honestly don't disagree.

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