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Update by user Jan 09, 2012

Well here we are 2012 and NO RESOLUTION with Thomasville or Classic Home Brands. THEY STILL HAVE OUR MONEY from the refused sofa and in December they promised they would take back the defective chairs which are STILL SITTING HERE. Mike the manager at CLASSIC HOME BRANDS in Newport News, Va. clearly LIED TO ME on December 7th when he promised the chairs would be picked up and he would call me on the 9th with a resolution to this mess. GUESS WHO NEVER CALLED ME and their customer service department is not responding to emails. Well we are going to appeal to the Virginia Attorney General\'s Office for help and to see if we can file a theft charge against Classic Home Brands and Thomasville. By the way when we bought from them Classic Home Brands was supposedly a Thomasville store but Thomasville denies all responsibility because they WERE NOT a Thomasville store. So from the very beginning we were lied to by the people at Classic Home Brands.

We are going to load the chairs up in to our truck and return them ourselves this week. I will have a handout listing all the problems, the lies, and photos of the defective furniture to hand out to every potential customer in that store. Consumers need to know the truth about Thomas VILE Furniture.

Everyone PLEASE keep posting your complaints on the Thomasville Facebook page. It is the best way to get their attention and to inform others not to make the same mistake. If you look closely at their page they very quickly come up with pointless posts by their facebook team and their employees to try and bury the complaint posts off the front page. Keep reading the posts and keep on posting your complaints.

As they have blocked me from that page someone needs to ask them about the sites on the internet linking their furniture to TRICLOSAN toxins. I for one would like to hear their explanation.

Update by user Dec 18, 2011

Did you know that Thomasville Furniture is listed as containing TRICLOSAN a very bad toxin? Do an internet search for Thomasville Furniture Triclosan and you see for yourself.

Every time I set in the defective chairs that they have yet to pick up from us I begin itching all over. If it is not TRICLOSAN in the fabric than there is something else in it.

Also do a search for TOXIC FURNITURE and you will be shocked at what you find.

Did you also know that Thomasville that charges huge prices for their furniture also makes furniture for Target and Walmart?

Update by user Dec 13, 2011


One phone call from the store manager with EMPTY PROMISES. A promise to resolve this with a second phone call on the 8th which of course NEVER HAPPENED!

At least people are beginning to post on Thomasville\'s Facebook page about the problems with their Thomasville Furniture and Thomasville has had to admit publicly it is no longer made in the USA. Only the upholstery work is done here. BUT that does not mean the fabrics and materials are the quality promised as we have sadly found out.

WORD OF MOUTH with pictures is the best kind of advertising. People need to know that THOMASVILLE AND ITS DEALERS do not stand behind their products.

I have contacted both Senators from Virginia about Thomasville and our need for Lemon Furniture laws in this state.

Can not wait to go in to that Newport News store and inform every potential Thomasville customer about the lousy furniture and the lousy store.

Fed up and ready to spread the word!

Update by user Nov 28, 2011

Still no word from Thomasville and no resolution to our defective furniture and the thousands of dollars they are KEEPING.

Thomasville Furniture is all about profitability and no quality or customer service.

Not the furniture company it was in our parents and grandparents day. If you want QUALITY THOMASVILLE furniture buy VINTAGE and ANTIQUE furniture when they used American products, workers, and factories.

Now they use plants in Indonesia and in Mexico. So sorry we ever set foot in a Thomasville store.

Update by user Nov 23, 2011

To recap everything that has happened to date.

Thomasville denied any responsibility for the defective furniture and referred us back to the store.

Store said we could have a store credit to reselect for the defective Thomasville sofa we refused but will not give us back our money. We do not want to do any further business with that store we want our money back. We also want our restocking fees returned for the Thomasville bedroom furniture we cancelled. Foolishly we did not send back the matching Thomasville ottoman with the sofa and now to return it they want a 25% restocking fee.

A service person came out on October 15th to look at the 2 defective Thomasville chairs. We accepted delivery of these as they appeared to be fine. Within days of using them the fabric was stretching out and they looked like a pair of unmade beds. The furniture repair person said yes they needed to be repaired due to fabric stretching and insufficient padding. WE DID NOT PAY 1700.00 per chair TO HAVE REPAIRED FURNITURE IN OUR HOME! We could have gone to a flea market bought chairs and had them REPAIRED for a lot less money and frustration.

After a week WE HAVE YET TO HEAR BACK from anyone on a resolution for the chairs. We have no money, no sofa, and two worthless defective chairs.Thanks for nothing but frustration THOMASVILLE FURNITURE. It is ridiculous that we cannot get a full refund.

NEVER EVER BUY FROM THOMASVILLE!! If you look at their facebook page the only people who talk about quality are the ones who bought many years ago when things were made in America. Thomasville is now making everything in China and will soon have plants going full blast in Mexico as well.

See my facebook THOMASVILLE FURNITURE BOYCOTT to add your HORROR stories and read more about their business decisions and how PROFITABILITY is the only thing that counts.

More photos off the defective sofa on my other post


Update by user Nov 18, 2011

Still no resolution with Thomasville. They have blocked me from their facebook page, the ABSOLUTE COWARDS!

I urge all of you out there with Thomasville complaints to hit their facebook page hard.

It takes numbers to make an impact.

And contact your legislators to enact LEMON FURNITURE PROTECTION LAWS like New Jersey\'s. Put an end to furniture ripoffs!

Update by user Nov 18, 2011

I urge everyone to post their complaints on Thomasville\'s Facebook page as well as here. Also post them on my facebook page Boycott Thomasville. We need to get the word out to everyone about the poor quality and how Thomasville does not DO REFUNDS and DOES NOT stand behind their product.

Update by user Nov 17, 2011

To Quote Ralph P. Scozzafava, \" On the cost side of the equation, we have a number of ongoing initiatives to increase our productivity and optimize our cost structure.

We’ve already spoken to you about the expected benefit of $10 million to $12 million on an annualized basis from the Indonesia and Mexico manufacturing facilities that we anticipate will ramp up to full realization in 2014.\" Notice he says nothing about any type of quality control.

Look AT THESE PHOTOS. How could they even pass an inspection on this sofa? The problems are so obvious, the construction so poor, it would have been impossible to pass.

Clearly Mr. Scozzafava does not include quality inspection in his budgets.

Update by user Nov 17, 2011

Still waiting to hear about the unmade bed chairs. Thomasville\'s idea is to REPAIR the brand new chairs.

I did not pay $1724.00 per chair to have REPAIRED items in my home. In that case I could have gone to the local flea market, bought chairs, and had them REPAIRED for much less money. I paid for NEW not REPAIRED furniture.

I have come to the sad conclusion that buying furniture and dealing with these manufacturers is like dealing with a crooked used car salesman.

Buyer BEWARE. What a bitter lesson we are learning thanks to Thomasville.

Update by user Nov 15, 2011

I would also like to mention that the CUSTOMER SERVICE PHONE NUMBER 1-800-827-4335 number listed on the back of our Thomasville Contract is a non-working phone number! I had to search all over the internet to find a number. When I did finally find the number they said nothing they could do for me would send the information to someone else but no phone number for me to call.

Guess if you do not have a WORKING customer service number it really cuts down on the problem phone calls.

Update by user Nov 15, 2011

A third person has now filed a complaint on Thomasville\'s facebook page. Keep them coming!!

Jesse the furniture repair person just left after inspecting the \"unmade bed chairs\" formerly known as Dinezen.

So far he has been the NICEST and most upfront person in this entire ordeal. I felt bad for him as I was constantly on the *** of tears while talking about this nightmare, words can not explain how upset and DEVASTATED I am about this ordeal. Chairs used less than two weeks and NEED TO BASICALLY BE REUPHOLSTERED to fix the lack of padding and fabric stretching?

I can no longer even type about it without sobbing. Thanks for nothing but heartache Thomasville.

Update by user Nov 14, 2011

Another poor lady has become a victim of Thomasville she posted on their facebook page.

FINALLY received a call from the furniture repair company. He is a SUBCONTRACTOR for THOMASVILLE and is coming to evaluate the chairs tomorrow.

Still trying to figure this out. Purchase was made with a Thomasville Contract at what WAS a Thomasville store which is now Classic Home Brands (New Port News, Virginia)and check was made out to Thomasville and deposited in Kentucky. Thomasville customer service says NOT OUR PROBLEM YOU BOUGHT FROM AN INDEPENDENT STORE deal with them. Yet subcontractor coming to evaluate defective chairs says he works for Thomasville.

I am not an attorney but it seems very odd to me as to how we could even have a binding contract because Thomasville denies all responsibility. If they deny responsibility how do we even have a binding contract to steal our 25% restocking fee?

Update by user Nov 13, 2011

Thomasville is having a worst Thanksgiving contest on Facebook. I would suggest that anyone and everyone that has a problem with Thomasville post their story as an entry on how Thomasville ruined their Thanksgiving.

Here is my entry:

Ours is the ultimate Thanksgiving disaster thanks to Thomasville.

We have lost close to 13,000 DOLLARS to Thomasville because of defective furniture and no refund. All of this happened in October of this year so our Thanksgiving is completely ruined and no family dinners at our house this year. A total disaster. The sofa as can be seen from the photos was a piece of Chinese junk after paying 4,669.00 for it.

The Dinezen chairs that we did accept have a problem with the upgraded fabric stretching out so they look like an unmade bed. The ottoman to match the sofa has such cheap leather it is already showing signs of wear. Plus when we cancelled the bedroom furniture we were told we would lose 25% of what we paid for restocking fees. This was not a special order bedroom set and can be resold to the next foolish consumer.

Stanley Furniture stopped having their furniture made in China because they had too many problems and wanted to keep their reputation.

Clearly Thomasville is not the furniture of our parents and grandparents. Thomasville knows it that is why they use every possible loophole to avoid standing behind their product.

Update by user Nov 12, 2011

This is from Thomasville\'s FACEBOOK PAGE, \" This site is for our Fans & Followers. If you have a service issue or need help with your furniture purchase, please contact Thomasville’s Consumer Services.\" Well we know that is not true.

Their consumer services department refuses to accept any culpability by claiming that if you did not purchase from a THOMASVILLE OWNED STORE they are not responsible for their products.

I posted my story on their facebook page yesterday and they deleted it!!

Everyone who has a problem needs to post it on their facebook page. Even if it only stays up for a minute the more people that see the more people will be spared the heartache and nightmare that those of us who bought Thomasville are experiencing.

Update by user Nov 11, 2011

Join me on facebook at

Boycott Thomasville Furniture and All Stores That Carry Their Brand

Update by user Nov 11, 2011


As consumers we can not sit back and allow ourselves to be VICTIMS of CORPORATE GREED.

We worked together to stop BANK OF AMERICA\'s ridiculous debit card fees, it is time we took a stand on LEMON FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS.

Update by user Nov 11, 2011

WELL here we are Nov. 11th and still no resolution to the Thomasville issues. Thomasville is denying all culpability for the defective furniture and have handed everything over to the furniture store. WHAT A JOKE!! I received this email on Oct. 31st concerning the DEFECTIVE Thomasville Chairs BUT have NOT heard from the owner of the repair company or anyone else associated with this problem.

\"Thanks for taking the time to take the pictures needed to address these issues. I am sending the paperwork over to my tech Furnservco and the owner Jessie will be calling to setup appointment. He will try and correct these issues and if he can\'t he will let us know what the next step needs to be.


Nicole Hess

Thomasville & Classic Home Brands

Business & Customer Service Manager


3985 Deep Rock Rd

Richmond, VA 23233 \"

PLUS I have requested from the store in New Port News a breakdown of the RESTOCKING FEES they are charging us for cancelling the other Thomasville GARBAGE FURNITURE and the balance due back to us THREE TIMES and they are ignoring us. In addition they are refusing to refund our money for the Thomasville Sofa we refused to even allow in our home it was such a piece of junk!

I think we need to call a NATIONAL BOYCOTT on THOMASVILLE FURNITURE as well as CONTACTING every single government official about implementing and strengthening existing FURNITURE LEMON LAWS.


I am sick and fed up with the antics of these THIEVES who did not hesitate to take our money for inferior products but will not BACK UP THEIR PRODUCTS!


Update by user Nov 01, 2011

After submitting additional photos of the chairs to Thomasville and the store where purchased someone is supposed to contact us to inspect the chairs and see if they can be REPAIRED! WHY WHY WHY I am screaming to myself DO BRAND NEW chairs NEED REPAIRS???????

The answer my calmer self screams back is BECAUSE THEY ARE THOMASVILLE YOU ***!! And because I allowed the chairs to come in to my house thinking they were OK!!

As for the defective sofa the store management has offered us STORE CREDIT for the cost of the sofa. We are waiting on a determination of the chairs before deciding to accept the offer.

The store is no longer strictly Thomasville and does carry other brands we can choose from for a replacement sofa.

We are still at this time losing a 25% restocking fee on the Thomasville bedroom furniture we cancelled. The management has no explanation for the piece of junk poor quality sofa that was delivered to us.

Update by user Oct 27, 2011

Well the chairs are getting worse. The fabric is now beginning to stretch on the arms.

They are beginning to resemble and unmade bed. In the spirit of fairness I must say that Thomasville has responded to us with a request for additional information. We will see what happens.

For all of you out there reading our story the best advice I can give you is to ASK a lot of questions at the store, research the product online before buying, and if the product is brought to your home and it is defective in ANY WAY do not allow it inside your house.

Reject it and take photos. Once it is in your house you have possession and your rights are gone.

Update by user Oct 24, 2011

Please see my other post THOMASVILLE CUSTOMER SERVICE REFUSES TO BACK THEIR PRODUCT for two more photos of the problem sofa.

Update by user Oct 24, 2011

I am completely devastated. As in previous posts here we did not accept delivery of the Thomasville Pauline Sofa because of the very obvious and numerous defects.

We did accept and keep the two Dinesen wing chairs which we THOUGHT at time of delivery were OK. WELL we used them this weekend and this morning I noticed they looked odd. Apparently the fabric which was supposedly an UPGRADE that we paid extra money for has STRETCHED out of shape. When facing the chair it is EXTREMELY OBVIOUS that the fabric covering the entire lumbar/back position of the chairs is lose and sagging.

After many years of raising our children and buying secondhand furniture we were so excited to pick out NEW furniture and choosing the fabrics we wanted rather than buying used CHILD PROOF furniture. We thought these pieces would last us for a good 10 to 15 years. Clearly we were VERY VERY WRONG!! Our dream has turned in to a nightmare and no one at Thomasville or the Classic Home Brands store in Newport News, Virginia cares.

Still no word from Thomasville or the store about a resolution for the sofa. Now we are going to have to fight to do something with these two defective chairs. WHY SHOULD WE AS CONSUMERS HAVE NO RECOURSE? We now have car lemon laws, maybe it is time for a NATIONAL lemon law for furniture that applies in ALL STATES and prevents furniture manufacturers and retailers from selling defective products that NONE OF THEM WILL STAND BEHIND?

Now I know why the store salesman was so forceful in selling us a FURNITURE WARRANTY that as it turns out has many many complaints posted online against it. Clearly the game is we are Thomasville based now in Kentucky, you live in Virginia, only Kentucky laws apply to the contract. SO TOO BAD FOR YOU!!

The furniture store knows there is no warranty with Thomasville and they don\'t want to service what they sell so they SHOVE a ridiculous warranty down your throat that they than claim will handle any warranty issues and according to the complaints Guardsman doesn\'t!! The bottom line is THE CONSUMER IS SCREWED EVERY POSSIBLE WAY and NO ONE WILL ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY!

Update by user Oct 23, 2011

The email sent to me by Thomasville Consumer Affairs said they were not legally responsible for the defective sofa it was the store\'s responsibility. SO why was our deposit check made out to Thomasville and deposited in their Kentucky bank? WHY was the contract written up on a Thomasville contract?

I found some interesting information on line concerning the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act which is a Federal Law. Look it up. Really not very helpful and I think we need better and stronger consumer laws for furniture manufacturers and retailers.

Also I found this suggestion which I intend to follow and have already emailed this morning, October 23, 2011 to Thomasville\'s Consumer Affairs. This was the suggestion, \"...file a complaint for theft with the attorney general because in essence the company took your money and hasn\'t given you the bargained for furniture. This is why you always pay a minimum up front or if you special order, you indicate the company has recourse by simply selling the specially ordered furniture. Furniture (unless it is really off the wall) can always be sold; it is not like a custom made initialed item.\"

For those of you out there with defective furniture DON\'T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER. I think that is there game just keeping saying NO and the *** consumer will walk away with their head hanging in defeat.

Update by user Oct 19, 2011

I received a very cryptic email from Thomasville Furniture today October 19th, 2011 regarding the piece of garbage sofa that I refused to accept delivery and returned. I CANNOT post here word for word because of their privacy statement contained within the email. WHAT COWARDS THEY ARE!! Basically they said using the following YOU ARE TOTALLY SCREWED TERMS is:

Thank you it was so much better for me than you. blah blah blah. We blah blah blah could care less about your problem. BLAH BLAH BLAH Thomasville Furniture\'s Limited Warranty IS SO LIMITED WE JUST *** OVER. BLAH BLAH BLAH because the store is not owned by us YOU ARE JUST SCREWED and it is up to the store owner to *** TOO.

Laughing all the way to the bank,

Thomasville Consumer *** OVER AND OVER Services

Another fine example of CORPORATE GREED TRAMPLING ALL OVER THE CONSUMER in little CHINA SLIPPERS because so many of the furniture companies closed their U.S.A. factories and put Americans out of work. As I have now bitterly learned these companies had no loyalty to their workers and most certainly NONE to foolish consumers such as myself.

Update by user Oct 18, 2011

I pulled out my receipt and the actual purchase price for this THOMASVILLE CHINESE GARBAGE was 4,669.00.

Neither the store or Thomasville contacted us to resolve the manner. When I called the store because of NO COMMUNICATION I was given the run around and told it was my responsibility to submit photos yet they NEVER BOTHERED TO PROVIDE THE INFORMATION FOR A CONTACT PERSON. Do not buy THOMASVILLE AND DO NOT BUY from Classic Home Brands furniture in Newport News, located at 12551 Jefferson Avenue.

Original review posted by user Oct 16, 2011

We paid nearly 4,000.00 for a custom Paula Sofa. It was finally brought to us last week. I had to refuse delivery! A PIECE OF JUNK I would not allow it in my house and sent it back immediately.

The wood frame was not finished evenly or completely, there was a 1/4" gap in the front frame board on the left front side, the right side had a small gap too. The leather on one arm was shriveled up like an old piece of liver!! We cancelled the bedroom furniture we ordered and of course they are keeping 25% of our money.

NO CONTACT from Thomasville about the sofa and it has been over a week.


Product or Service Mentioned: Thomasville Furniture Sofa.

Monetary Loss: $4.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Oct 16, 2011.
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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1276975

Someone has issues, and they aren't only Thomasville. Considering for several years all sorts of antibacterial products had triclosan, you've probably absorbed more triclosan in antibacterial soaps, detergents, toothpastes, and hand sanitizers than is contained in your chairs.


Oh, boy! I hate hearing this as we rejected horribly damaged Hickory Chair piece.

I'd spoken to H.C., and was told it had left their facility over 5 months before it was delivered to us. In another conversation, they said they want us to "work with the dealer" regarding damaged goods & that they want to do repairs. The dealer has made no effort to address these concerns, nor did they respond to our repeated emails before delivery, reminding them they'd agreed to ship each piece of our order as available.

I emailed the dealer & let them know what I found out.

They ignored this.

I found out from the shipper that they've reshipping - who repaired the furniture, we're not informed - and the "fixed" pieces, including the Hickory Chair piece is coming soon.

Hickory Chair is part of Classic Home Brands. And your posting made me realize that while our furniture has been sitting for about 5 months in a hub against our repeatedly express wishes & against what we & the dealer agreed to, the clock has been running on any manufacturer's warranty and have been voided through no fault of our own!

Hamptonville, North Carolina, United States #596122

Thomasville only has one plant now and showroom in Thomasville, nc everything other than custom is imported with name. Sad once one of the best types of furniture and made in NC by generations of local residents is now imported and several plants vacant


The Thomasville Store in Richmond is not owned by Thomasville. It is owned by Dan Dougherty who cares about one thing.

Making a sale and getting your money. If you have any problems he is not going to help you. He talks and treats his employees like ***.

He has the highest employee turnover rate I have ever seen. Check his BBB rating before you buy


The Thomasville store in Richmond is a joke..The owner is even more of a joke. Buyer beware :(


I bought a living room set of furniture and tables from Thomasville in Orlando. Everyone was very pleasent and all my concerns were answered.

My table had a small scratch and they sent out a team to repair it within one week. I guess after reading all these complaints it is a matter of which store you go to.


We received our Holbrook Sofa and Loveseat today. The furniture arrived in the afternoon while I was at work and my wife was at home.

I checked after coming back and found that the sofa frame is broken underneath and one leg is completely gone inside. By the time we realized this, the store was already closed. What are my options now? Would I be able to return the furniture?

I paid over $4000 for this piece of junk and would like to return it if possible. Any suggestions?


I purchased 2 Leather Chairs and A sofa over 2 years ago-

I still have not receive a Sofa going on 2 1/2 years ago!

The 2 Sofas that were delivered had damaged Upholstery and I did not accept them, now its been almost a year and still no sofa.

The Leather Chairs that are still sitting in my den with the tags on them BOTH Have Crooked Seams down the Back Side of each chair -they promised to pick up the Chairs when they redelivered the Sofa.

I Order this furniture with an Interior Designer from there store which I knew personally-She has left the store after 6 months because their lack of resolving this and other issues.

I do not blame her however the Richmond Va Store Managers and Staff are completely unprofessional and very RUDE.

I could have save my money and purchased Top of the Line Furniture

Made in the USA! The Furniture is low Quality for the Price and

with the lack of Real Business Professionalism I am quite sure that this store will be going out of business soon.



I have had nothing but compliments from our friends and relatives about our new livong room, family room, dining room, and two bedrooms of new furniture. I admit I was nervous buying this much at this price but it came out great and exceeded our expectations. Thanks classic.


I just bought bed in reinventions collection...east river bed...head and footboard with side rails and two matching night tables. It has not been delivered yet, but now I am so nervous reading all these complaints. Anyone have a problem with that collection?


I just bought bed in reinventions collection...east river bed...head and footboard with side rails and two matching night tables. It has not been delivered yet, but now I am so nervous reading all these complaints. Anyone have a problem with that collection?


Thank you for posting this! I am shopping around for new furniture and assumed Thomasville was a reputable brand.

I would never shop there after reading this! Thank you for saving me the hassle!


I am working on filing a report with the Attorney General's office. If you go to their website there is a form you can fill out and mail in to them.

They will assign an investigator within 4 to 6 weeks to look in to the business. The more complaints the AG has against them the more likely they are to act quickly.

There was in our opinion some false advertising and other questionable activities going on in that store when we purchased.



I just posted a complaint about a sofa I also purchased from the Newport News Thomasville "Classic Home Brands". What about getting the guy from Channel 10 news that does the reports on bad businesses in on this?


Just so everyone knows the very nasty comments here on this post were written by one of the Operations Managers at Thomasville. How fitting that such a PROFIT ORIENTED COMPANY would send one of their employees to cyber stalk unhappy consumers. Just another example of how unprofessional Thomasville is in dealing with consumer complaints.

Well you know what they say:

“If you can't answer a man's arguments, all is not lost; you can still call him vile names.” Elbert Hubbard


Thanks for the information. Hope you have a much better job now.

Yes we are finding out this company is not customer service oriented and we are constantly being lied to.


This store has a bad customer service problem. The owener only cares about making the sale, after that he is done, he has your money. BUYER BE WARE


Thanks for posting your story.

Just another reason for people to steer clear of Thomasville Furniture.


We had a bad experience with the Thomasville store in Danbury/Brookfield CT. Their designer was helpful and said all the LR furniture needed to revolve around the colors of the new area rugs.

So we started by selecting Thomasville area rugs and then a sofa and 3 nice chairs in fabrics to pick up the colors in the rugs. The rugs were supposed to arrive first, but they shipment got delayed and the furniture came in first. Weeks and weeks went by and the salesperson assured us that the rugs were on back order but would arrive shortly. More weeks went by and I inquired on the Thomasville website, only to bet a bot reply referring me back to the store.

After even more weeks with no contact from the store on the status, I finally went there in person and pinned them down. Turns out that the rugs were discontinued. WTF? Then we got attitude about a refond, but we finally got it straightened out.

Turned out to be a good thing, because we went to Kaoud Carpets and had a wonderful experience and found 2 rugs that actually worked a lot better than the T-Ville rugs. They even delivered the rugs to our house to let us "live with them" for a week or two before we even had to pay them a dime. Unfortunately, our newly remodeled LR went about 4 months with bare floors and no rugs, thanks to T-Ville. It was a wonderful buying experience until it all fell apart, and then it became one of the worst customer service experiences I ever had.

And of course the sales persone who had been so helpful up front suddenly backed out of the picture. No more T-Ville for me.....


I am well aware of the parent company. Go to my Facebook page THOMASVILLE FURNITURE BOYCOTT and you can read the information I found about Furniture Brands International.

You will see the CEO's talk about PROFITABILITY and getting the Indonesian and Mexico plants up to full capacity by 2014.

My problem is with Thomasville and as I do not own and do not plan to buy any of the other brands under FBI's umbrella I cannot address their problems.

Please go post to the other HUNDREDS of complaints about Thomasville online. I am only ONE of MANY MANY MANY disappointed consumers.

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