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Thomasville in Jacksonville florida on Phillips Hwy south of the avenues mall. Howabout Diane the GM now lying to me 3 different times on 3 different dates telling me my $7000 worth furniture is not here but is still in a sea container and will be another 2 months.

Is it traveling around the world 3 times?

For the secretary to first lie to me about the arrival date then the GM Diane tolie about the delivery 3 weeks in a row per 3 different calls is beyond absurd and way beyond any form of customer service.

never ever again.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

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Why cannot the management of furniture stores just level and be truthful with customers? It is a code that they live by..."don't tell them when their furniture will actually come in." I have experienced this on many occassions...if they don't have it to sell, do not allow for it to be advertised.....it is just a bate and switch becauswe there comes a time when you just need to "get it done" and move on with life.

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