$7,000 is the right price for a small kitchen from Thomasville, I have one of the most expensive cherry arch door designs on my cabinets and although my kitchen is huge, I can see a small one costing that much even with the most expensive wood. Plywood sides are not even much more, about 10% of the price of the cab.

I can agree that they are not quality. I was told I had one of the most expensive cabinets they sell and mine came damaged, several of them. There were huge knots in the wood (I know cherry has knots normally)However, years ago the quality was much better and the knots were nowhere near this big nor numerous(this is our 3rd kitchen from KM). Who wants a big hole in their cabinet door?

Come on! I had to return a couple doors and order new ones. Also, the spice door cabinet doors were falling off and laying in the box with ripped off screws etc. Terrible.

My oven cabinet bottom was smashed in! Don't they check these things before delivering them? The funny thing was, the boxes were fine. It was like they were just slapped together at the factory, damaged, not checked and then put into boxes.

They have went downhill in the past few years!

Yes, the "carcass" does come apart AFTER they are hanging on the wall. They are so lousily put together.

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